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Bring forth safe, effective & productive Detergent Formulation Consultancy, Detergent Chemicals, Detergent Products, Detergent Making and Packaging Machinery...

About Us

A name that must strike in everybody's mind when it comes to cleaning solutions is P. S. Chemicals. The business run by Mr. Goutam Sarkar for almost a decade now, provides Detergent Products and Services, like Detergent Formulation Consultancy, Detergent Powder, Concentrated Liquid Soap, Dish Wash Bar/Tub, Liquid Hand Wash and Loose Detergent Powder to meet household cleaning/washing needs of the house owners, housekeeping workers and laundry people. The end customers are not limited to laundries and households, our company targets the detergent making companies with the range of Detergent Chemicals, Detergent Machinery, Detergent Packaging Material & Machinery. Our company operates as a Manufacturer and Supplier of aforesaid effective detergents, high performance and productive machinery and safe detergent chemicals. We have also stepped into the field of service providing, by providing our clients Detergent Formulation Consultancy, Detergent Plant Setup Consultancy, Pouch Printing, Paper Printing Service as well as Turnkey Based Solution For Detergent Plant.

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